Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How SMM Company Helpful for Business Promotion?

After completing your website designing and development, the next thing what you will do? Only designing & development will not produce predictable benefits you want to receive. Without any marketing tool, your business can run, but you will not be able to get the maximum traffic to your business. In order to receive the new visits, more audience, and traffic to your website, you can use the concept of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Proper utilization of SMM services will supply traffic to your website more than your expectations.
Social Media Marketing

If you are new to the idea of SMM and you are not known how to use, then you can appoint any professional SMM Company for business promotion. Let’s know how the company does SMM.

Addition of Website Link within Social Sites
Including your website link to social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter etc can help you define as a brand. Your web page will be your representation among new visitors and promoting yourself with the help of the business pages is really successful.

Examine Social Results
After including the website link to all social sites, the next step is to keep track of audience to your business. Once your website is reachable to the audience, you can achieve the desired traffic from social sites.

Create Company Page or Blog
SMM Company creates your business page or blog on the social site like LinkedIn so that any new information related to your business can reach the audience. They active on your company page and put new products all the time.

Promotion of your Business Products
For raising the sufficient traffic to your business, they promote your business products overall social sites. They tweet on Twitter, share on Google+, Facebook, Pin to Pinterest to generate more and more leads to your business. They set up strong communication with the customers and convince them to buy your business products.

So, these are the benefits you can acquire from SMM Company. Intellisense Technology team of experts delivers SMM services in catchy and trendy way. We work with clients around the world on the various types of projects.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Top 4 Google Plus Features

Google Plus
Google Plus is the foremost social media site for sharing photos, information online. This is the great site of social media market. More than 30 million users are the part of Google Plus. Google + comes with abundant features which make it unique apart from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. So, let’s talk about Google Plus features.

Poll in Google Plus
Polls are a necessary step for any business to know about its customer’s viewpoint without putting too much information. This is easy to use. Just login Google Plus & choose the “poll” option from the status. Ask poll query and add relevant comments as your poll options. People will +1 the option they want to vote for. Make sure that you disable comments, reshares so as other persons don’t submit their own options.

Share Circles with Others
If you share your circles with others publically, then others will get to know about your circle members. Hover mouse on the profile on the left-hand side. Choose people and click on ‘your circles’. Choose the circle you want to share.

Photo Slideshow
Your entire lists of photos are placed in the album. All photos are visible to someone when they click on your profile picture. You have an access what to show in this album. You can edit, add and assemble the images in this album.

Create Empty Circle
Here is the option to create an empty circle without adding anyone. It can really work great as a bookmarks or swipe file. All posts on this empty circle are viewed only by you. You can also share your email in the circle and the saved content will automatically go ahead.

Google Plus works well for small or large businesses. The likes and comments help to maximize website visibility. It requires skilled and proper knowledge for generating revenue from Google+ profile. The internet marketing team of Intellisense Technology gives you the best chance of bringing new users while working with Google Plus.

Friday, 24 April 2015

How to Use Hashtags (#)

The symbol '#' is called a hashtag, which generally put in front of any phrase or word to highlight the specifics of the point or message. Example: if you are posting the discount message about the product, you can put hashtag like #discount #handbags or #purse. Twitter users were created this tag to classify tweets.

When you put hashtag anywhere in your post, then it might increase the possibility of your search being displayed when someone seeks out the specific terms. Have a look on effective ways to use hashtags.

Use in Social Sites
As we know hashtags first saw on twitter, but now they are mostly used on popular social sites. Each and every site has its own guidelines to use the hashtags for the optimum results.

Test your Hashtag
Before using the hashtag, do a little search if it is already being used. If it is already used many times, then you can put it on another phrase. In this way, there is a chance of possible results come out with your message.

Make it Unforgettable
Use hashtag, which puts memorable experience to the users. The use of hashtags for big events or discount price is the foremost way for business branding. Catchy hashtags can be shared in a great way.

Use Relevant Hashtags
Use of hashtags is always relevant to post. If you frequently use hashtags that are irrelevant to your post, your followers will alienate you.

Eliminate Spaces
If you are using hashtags on two close words, rather than putting separate hashtags you can keep the space out. Don’t use hashtags in this look: #twitter #followers. Use in this way: #twitterfollowers.

With any advertising tool, it must be used effectively. Hashtags are the vital part of any social media sites. So, start slowly to become a #hashtagprofessional. Hash tags always use in social media platforms and Intellisense Technology’s SMM team is highly professional in using Hash Tags while working on SMM projects. They know how and where to use hash tags and how these hash tags can beneficial for their customers.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Easy to Use LinkedIn Features

LinkedIn is the largest business networking site used to create connections with the countless number of people and maintain profile or company page that hold their business-oriented information. This site is used for finding jobs; communicate with each other, and for business branding. It is very easy to establish connections with others by sending a request with their emails or another possible way. Let us discuss how LinkedIn profile can be strong with the following features.

Download Your List of Contacts or Connections
It is very easy to download into MS Excel with different formats with a full list: name, title, company name, email. To do this, in the top LinkedIn menu, click on connections, after that click on the gear icon (appears right corner). Go to advanced settings on the right side and export connections.

Show Media Files, Presentation on Your Profile
LinkedIn allows us to add photos, audio, documents, presentation to various segments of the profile. This will put great impression who viewed your profile. Click on edit profile, choose the section to upload media files.

Save Your Searches
After a search on LinkedIn, you can click on ‘save search’, appears in the top right corner to save the searches. It permits you to save up to 10 searches. You can also set alerts.

Setup LinkedIn Relationship Notes
Here is an option to add relationship notes or message under connected profile. Under relationship notes, you can add notes, set the reminder, how you met, and tag. All this information is kept private in the relationship notes so that only you can see.

Hope the above features will make your profile strong. If you find any difficulty to improve your profile visibility and effectiveness, then you can contact Intellisense Technology SEO/SMM experts who are very passionate towards work and give your business a new height of success.

Monday, 20 April 2015

How to Recuperate Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaigns
Businesses and brands are looking to connect the social media sites because they know the social media ad campaigns can increase the business sales. So, the demand of various social sites is growing every day. Facebook is counted the most popular social site with active users of 1.5 billion monthly. This is the ultimate site to spread your business all over the world. FB has the facility of ad campaigns that delivers high targeted traffic. Here are some of the simple tips to implement Facebook ad campaigns.

Follow the Similar Brand People:
Meet the targeted audiences that are related to your business to derive the enormous traffic and best results. Facebook helps you to reach out of exact brand followers. This is the best approach to find the different customer acquisition, one you can get the similar brands and the other of dissimilar. This can be more valuable when you create the different campaigns for the followers of particular brands.

Catchy Images:
When it comes to fetching the customer attention, catchy images play a great role. Simple image with likable caption can work better than the use of business images. If one of the people gives a look of such image, then the others will automatically take interest of your brand at a later phase.

Use Videos:
Videos are the proven method used for advertisement to bring the user traffic. Combine everything in videos which you want to share in using text or images and make the videos creative and appealing. Make sure that videos force the customer to stay longer.

These are the simple but effective tips that anyone can easily use. If you don’t have time to do this, you can hire the reputed company which gives social media marketing services. Out of the various companies, Intellisense Technology is the spectacular Company, which works better on social platforms to derive traffic and increase ROI of your business.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Give New Life to Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign
Social media plays a great role in terms to promote the business products and increase sales. If your initial social media stage slows down, then it’s the time to reconsider the approach to save your existence. Today, most of the foremost reputed companies use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for branding. Many benefits the person can determine by using the following tips:

Firstly, Overcome the Weak Marks

Trace your profile report which shows you:
  • How many followers you have
  • How many comments you have received on post
  • How much traffic you earn from new visitors
  • How many leads you have daily received
Each and every month, try something new and observe the results. Don’t repeat the same messages. Outline the most visit post and try to build similar with new ideas. When you know your weak marks, you can improve them with new tactics.

Engage With Your Audience
Always try to know what your audience looks because this is the best method to magnetize brand allegiance. Check your post to know that anyone comment about your brand. Media monitoring service tool helps you to learn what your customers review about your brand.

Connect with More People by Starting a Latest Campaign
Well, planned social media campaign increase the number of your followers. You can also do a contest and invite more people to participate and give them a discount offer on purchasing products to get followers.

Step By Step Move
Always grow step by step to take the advantage of all social media platforms. First of all, use one social media site at once and make it your own. After you have mastered in one platform, apply the same procedure to others social media platforms to grab attention of potential customers and make your online presence powerful.

The above tips you can apply by yourself or hire the SMM Company which pays larger attention to your social platforms. Intellisense Technology in India gives their reliable SMM services to ensure that your business can earn more revenue via internet.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How to Use Google+ to Improve Ranking

Google Plus
In the world of SEO, we do everything to improve the ranking. Sometimes our effort does not show valuable results because we don’t know when Google will launch new updates. So, results vary depends upon the SEO techniques or on page optimization. Our task is to try the new ideas that provide better rankings in the Google searches. Now it is the time to more focus on social media sites because people connect with various social sites. We put our efforts more on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites. There is no doubt FB is the highly popular site that every person use. However, Google Plus is also becoming popular and can give better ranking. Let us know how:

Regular Participation
If you are not on G+, then the first step is to join. This is very easy to do with your Gmail id. After you join, look around to see friends, communities, join their circles and friends of friends. When you follow others on G+, the various categories are visible in the drop down list. It’s your choice in which category you will keep others: friends, following, family, etc. You can reshare the others post, comment on it, like it or also share your own post publicly.

Share Good Post
Always share good quality post so that others can praise. The bad quality post will down your online reputation and people not follow you. When you post something new, never forget to share publicly, with your friends and your circles. Your best post will attract new visitors.

Fill Up About Page
Most people ignore to fill about page, but this is not good. With the G+, the about page is very important for branding. In about page, you can add your business site link, others social site links. People also look your about page to get more information about you.

Pay Attention
To make Google Plus profile strong, you must fill the necessary fields. Whatever the new thing you or your business achieve share it with publicly. This will make your profile genuine and amplify your online reputation.

So, G+ is the great site for small or large scale enterprises. It is a miraculous site designed by Google. Join Google Plus and grab the features. Google Plus helps to give your website more marketing.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Is Social Media Good for Every Business

Social networking sites have biggest influence in the SEO market. There are few of them unaware the term of social media. Those who want great success in business have adopted the SMM strategies. There are several popular sites that provide the biggest chance to grow more and more. There are several reasons to use social sites and these will depend on whether you use for business or personal.

Personal use of social media sites will provide the lot of information. It will gossip about all your friends and family. You share the things that you enjoy very well. Anytime you can post the information and share it with friends, colleagues and social groups.

On the other way, if you have a business, then surely you will use social sites for promotion. These sites are the perfect choice to meet the new natives and tell them about your business products. Each time you connect to the social account and increase the network. Once your friend circle has been grown then others are also taken interest to read about your company.

Social sites give the chance to create the business page so that you can meet with the new customers every day and more people visit your page. When your business page profile has been strong you can use the possible tips and tricks to get them interested to buy products. For all this, you will need to work very hard and keep little patience to reach the success.

Social sites are a great way to make friends, sharing business information among various people. If you want to engage in a social media world in a meaningful way, then Intellisense Technology helps you to leverage the marketing power of the social media sites. We will build your business on:

Friday, 3 April 2015

Some Mistakes to Avoid the Optimal Search Engine Rankings

SEO Ranking
Everyone looks the best way to optimize the search engine ranking. Best ranking can be achieved to avoid the few mistakes.

In the world of SEO one thing to stuck in mind that no traffic no finance. Online success of the business totally depends on the traffic they receive. Online businesses require heavy traffic and this can only possible through ethical techniques. You will also have to hold on search engine ranking.

In the internet marketing process, search engine optimization assists you to achieve the best rank with your target keywords. This is the most powerful or efficient technique and many businesses follow this technique. This not an easy task to do because some of the mistakes are generally made while achieving ranking.

Incorrect Selection of Keywords

One mistake that experts or specialists normally do is selecting inappropriate keywords to achieve ranking. There are many keywords available for marketing. But it is not necessary all keywords will prove to be useful. Always choose the fruitful keywords which are most demanded and least competitive.

Keyword Stuffing

Some people think stuffing of one keyword will help to rank good in search engine but this is totally wrong. Proper ranking can achieved if all the web pages contain at least one or two targeted keywords and it will give useful result for long period of time.

Wrong Use of Title

When users search something Google display the website result with title or description. Catchy of relevant title optimize the site in better way. According to the Google algorithm, title length now must be between 55 to 60 characters. Always pay attention to write catchy title.

These are few mistakes that you need to avoid when it comes to achieve better ranking. In case you think that you would not be able to do it yourself, then selecting professional expert or specialist can be a good choice for you.

There are so many companies present in the world which give the ethical services to obtain the best ranking. Intellisense Technology is also one of them. We have a team of SEO experts which do ethical work on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to get quality backlinks.