Friday, 12 June 2015

Social Media Online Marketing for Business

Intellisense Technology on LinkedIn
Social media, nowadays, a digital advertising or marketing channel for creating online branding, drive relevant traffic, impressions, clicks, and increase business ROI. With these factors to online promotion, social media becomes the most vital element to company marketing. Social media marketing converts the potential users into customers by enabling commercial ads on social platforms. These ads permit the audience to interact with business brands.

Social media give an opportunity to business to establish an online identity with the least cost. Target brand advertising permits the seller to reach an audience based on the geographical information. This can greatly help in the targeting of their work, content related to the brand and prepared to convert.

With the use of social media marketing, business can get a chance to market their position among the audience. They increased the business sales and brand recognition of the audience. SMM increases the business interaction with customers by giving them the right information of the product. Little bit marketing efforts works effectively for business advertising on social media. Business owners can magnify the results of these advertisements by ensuring a dedicated marketer is managing the campaign to drive traffic.

At Intellisense Technology, their SMM experts do the best practices to manage your social media accounts. Their team works with their clients to integrate marketing campaigns to narrate with their social media marketing.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Embedded System Development

Intellisense Technology is a specialist in the field of Embedded Systems Development with 8/16/32 bit core processors. Our design experience spans the full range of leading embedded cores and embedded operating systems including Core Coding in Embedded C, RTOS, Microsoft Windows Embedded, Windows Phone, Embedded Linux and Android. Our R&D team has complete expertise in Embedded Hardware Design, Firmware Development and custom product design. We offer service that helps our clients to bring their products much faster to market and in a more cost-effective way.

We have delivered hundreds of successful customer projects in all over the world. Services offer in Embedded System Development:

Embedded Hardware Design and Development – Offering the services of Embedded System design from an idea to product with world class quality and globally accepted configuration.

Firmware Development – Embedded software development solutions with core embedded C, RTOS & Linux.

End Product Solutions – From idea to end product in the market, cover all the in between stages like design, development and production.

Smart & Wearable Devices – Development of smart systems, smart wearable devices like smart watches and tracking bands etc.

Medical Devices – Development of healthcare instruments for different body parameters monitoring systems.

Consumer Electronics – Development of house hold products.

Mobile & Wireless – Smart phones, wireless control systems with latest and wireless technologies.

Control, Security and Automation – Home and industrial control and security systems development including sensors based automation, bio-metric systems, authentications etc.

OS Porting and Device Driver Development – Operating systems porting to embedded chips and peripherals drivers development

Reverse Engineering – Decoding embedded algorithms and cloning systems.

Android, Linux, Win CE, RTOS based Systems - Real time operating systems like RTOS, Linux, Android Win CE etc. based systems development to meet the advanced requirements.

Technical Consultancy – Experts team for guiding you the technical things in your project for better development.

For further any query, send us an email

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Marketing on Twitter

Intellisense Technology on Twitter
Companies improve their chance of visibility by taking an advantage of social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social sites are famous these days. Twitter gives worth value to your business. So, you need to pay attention to your tweets. If your tweets are not interesting, the potential customers will not waste time on your tweets. For this, your twitter existence aligns with your business/brands. With the utilization of below keys, you can make your tweets interesting.

Focus on Interesting Content
Hashtag based content is the key of growing your twitter following. When you tweet something you must do proper use of a hashtag. Favorite someone tweets will frequently catch the person attention. So, always focus on publishing remarkable content.

Tweet Regularly
To stay your twitter account active, at least tweeting once a day. There is no limit of tweeting for a business account because your main focus is on business promotion. So, tweet after six minutes to grow the number of followers.

Followers Interaction
If someone favorite or retweet, you must respond his/her in a quick manner. This may increase your business customers. When you interact with followers or start a conversation with them, they might show interest to your business and become your regular customers.

Twitter and other social media sites are the fundamental part of your business marketing strategy. If your business is new on twitter and you want to develop your strong marketing identity, then Intellisense Technology Company SMM services are at your doorstep.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pinterest Interesting Features

Intellisense Technology on Pinterest

Move over Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Pinterest is another social networking site which footstep as a helpful advertising tool for business. Rather than sharing business product images on Pinterest, you can also repin the other pins related to your business. You can also send group board invitation. There are numerous features of pinterest and let's discuss a few of them.

Create Secret Board
Pinterest has an option to create a secret board that only the owner can see and save ideas for vacations, gifts, decoration, and more. In order to add a secret board, login to your Pinterest account and scroll down until you see the secret board.

Reshuffle Your Boards
The pins you are posting always remain in the same place. If you can’t change the pins order, you can change the board position. This can be done simply by drag and drop your board.

Modify Your Cover Picture
This feature allows you to use the most dazzling image as a cover picture. Click on the “edit” option appears below on the board. A pop window will show. Select the “cover” option and click on “change”.

Group Board Invitation
This is an interesting feature of Pinterest because you invite other people to join your board and add pins to the group board. Click on the board, click on the “invite” option appears on the left-hand side or you can use “edit board” option. Type a name into the box, and send a request to the pinner to join the board.

So the above features can make your Pinterest profile very dazzling. If you really want a Pinterest account for a business and remain updated with the latest post, then take the low-cost SMM services of Intellisense Technology. With the right plan, great creativity, our experts take your pinterest profile to the new success.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Why SMM is Beneficial for Business?

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Social media has conquered the world of internet, and millions of users are connected to it. On a regular basis, a person checks in social media sites, a lot of times. So, for small organizations or companies, it is essential to take benefit of this massive opportunity. Now the question arise where is the case here? With the help of social media, the company can really achieve a lot. Keep reading the following:

Social Media for Brand Awareness
When you go for SMM, you can establish the potential position in the market. Because of this, SMM permits you to set up online existence if you really have a desire to become successful in the internet planet. This familiarization is much important for the growth of the business. Thanks to the SMM, devotion of the people towards your business will grow.

Social Media for more Business
With the help of the social media company, when you register social media accounts; automatically you are connected to your audience. Closeness with customers is important to hold their trust because when you promote something, SMM guarantee that your promotional products will reach the target audience.

Social Media for Business Fund
Biggest results achieved through social media means huge saving and revenue. This strategy will lead to successful business and a huge return of investments. In the nutshell, a good way promotion will help your business for long term.

SMM for Better Results
Correct use of SMM generates potential customers and revenue. Hence, your desire business growth increases using this factor because SMM has a higher rate of conversion, as everybody knows. In the last, when you really want maximum growth, then opt the SMM service of any company.

Today several businesses are looking potential growth and take the SMM services. Intellisense Technology gives their low-cost SMM services to provide better results, ultimate growth to your business.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Reason of Rising Social Media Overall

Intellisense Technology - LinkedIn
Today, the most broadly used term for business promotion is Social Media Marketing or SMM. Abundant of social platforms and communities are available on the internet to generate the alertness of your brand products. The fame of any business is very much important in this viral marketing, and this can be achieved via social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Indian SMM companies are well skilled to promote your business on these sites.

Today the situation is that small to large companies want to develop a successful image of their brand on the internet. They take the benefits of this online marketing for branding. You can complete your goals by simply check in social sites. These sites will provide benefits to join business related groups, engage with the audience, communities.

Take a look some SMM benefits for business:

You can directly interact with the audience and make them as a regular customer.

As these sites are very much easy to use, every person can express his thoughts, ideas, experience with the audience. This process provides huge traffic and good for business perspective.

SMM services have low priced, most valuable to advertise your business well. You can impress the audience by giving them discounts, deliver products without any delay to increase publicity.

Website visibility, expected traffic, ranking, quick popularity can be gained with the use of SMM in the cost effective way.

Nowadays, when small to large scale business totally depend on social media marketing; in that case, Intellisense Technology SMM services with proven result reach your business to the higher success in a faster way.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Role of Social Media to Get Customers

The role of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus is very much important to receive the customer attention as business perspective. It requires a lot of time to build a strong community and win the customer faith so that they give value to your business, establish a strong relationship with you, and become your regular customer.
Intellisense Technology on Pinterest

So, when go for social media, you must be very sure on how you can tap into this new advertising strategy and focus on “Client Attention.” Below are some points for doing so:

Developing Strategy
Make a clear objective in mind to advertise your business and user attention. Objective relates to:
  • How to attract more customers?
  • How to position yourself?
  • What response do you want to accomplish?

Build Long Term Relationship
Build the strong bonding with the audience you are connecting using social media sites. Speed up your relationship with the connectivity. But focus on maintaining the relationship to stay client attractive is vital.

Be Genuine
Social media totally depends upon connections. The more you have connections, the more you have popularity. People send your request by seeing your profile genuine. So, make sure that the information you put on social profiles must be real not fake.

Build Communication
If you are not participating in the conversation taking place, you will never build a shopper attractive business. One side conversation has no benefit where you just post products for promotion and not interact with anyone. When you contribute and communicate with your listeners, they will esteem you and attracted to you.

All the above strategy you can do it alone or can hire the best services of any social media marketing companies, Intellisense Technology is one of them. We attract clients to your business through social media; engage your network with customers.