Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pinterest Interesting Features

Intellisense Technology on Pinterest

Move over Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Pinterest is another social networking site which footstep as a helpful advertising tool for business. Rather than sharing business product images on Pinterest, you can also repin the other pins related to your business. You can also send group board invitation. There are numerous features of pinterest and let's discuss a few of them.

Create Secret Board
Pinterest has an option to create a secret board that only the owner can see and save ideas for vacations, gifts, decoration, and more. In order to add a secret board, login to your Pinterest account and scroll down until you see the secret board.

Reshuffle Your Boards
The pins you are posting always remain in the same place. If you can’t change the pins order, you can change the board position. This can be done simply by drag and drop your board.

Modify Your Cover Picture
This feature allows you to use the most dazzling image as a cover picture. Click on the “edit” option appears below on the board. A pop window will show. Select the “cover” option and click on “change”.

Group Board Invitation
This is an interesting feature of Pinterest because you invite other people to join your board and add pins to the group board. Click on the board, click on the “invite” option appears on the left-hand side or you can use “edit board” option. Type a name into the box, and send a request to the pinner to join the board.

So the above features can make your Pinterest profile very dazzling. If you really want a Pinterest account for a business and remain updated with the latest post, then take the low-cost SMM services of Intellisense Technology. With the right plan, great creativity, our experts take your pinterest profile to the new success.

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