Saturday, 28 February 2015

2015 Pinterest Marketing – Pros and Cons

Introduction to Pinterest
We live in the world of Internet where new innovations and technologies take place very rapidly. Along with internet marketing concept, social marketing sites have also become popular day by day. Business, IT companies, and organizations are taking the benefit of these social sites to expand their services all over the world. People are connected with each other via images, videos, music and many more. Social media sites included Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Flickr, and Pinterest. Pinterest is actually an image sharing site in which users create a board according to their interest and pinned images to created board. Over 15 million users have been accessed Pinterest to increase network. Once your pins get noticed, you can share with your followers. The more followers you have the more your business will grow.

Let’s give a look at pros and cons of Pinterest

Pinterest –Pro’s

Pinterest is easy to use and handle especially for the new comers. They can follow the business marketers profile according to their interest.

It is helpful to gain referral traffic among other social networking sites.

It gives an option to upload the picture of the business product and share with other boards. User can also repin the other’s collections to their existing boards.

Different boards have ben created according to the product category so that the user can easily access boards.

Pinterest is the best place to get the market exposure as well as advertise the business properly. With regular interaction of pinterest, members give you a chance to get the knowledge about interest things.

Eye-catching, original, and high-quality posts as well as content are the best way gets your pins noticed.

According to the SEO strategy, pinterest is helpful to gain inbound links. Inbound links will improve your search ranking.

Pinterest – Con’s

Some users only post copyright products and this gives problem to other users who want to repin but because of copyright they did not.

Re-pinning of the same products images will create the problem to slow down the business network. To avoid this problem, create a board except than your profession. Focus on some other genuine category boards like fashion, recipes, humor which are highly popular.

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