Monday, 23 February 2015

Mobile Application Development Related Threats

The procedure of mobile app development is not an easy task. It requires a lot of information, tools, and codes in the process of apps development. App is just not related to phone calls, business related although it covers the major aspect of human life. During the development process, some major aspects are needed to be taken care of. Let talked about some threats for the mobile application development.

Threats of Security and Privacy
Security and privacy are the major issues. People are downloading third party applications with accommodation of various features like syn, IM, and many networking features. These people do not have any intention to supply malicious attack, but they are searching to provide useful services to the users.

Threats of Network
Supply of irrelevant network has also the chief threat to the mobile apps development. Use of third party applications appears this network threat to the employees. Some organizations networks are not safe while some are secured. Unsafe or vulnerable network threats are useful when the employees use in their individual life.

Physical Threats
Another mobile application development plague is a physical threat. Research proves that some users have either lost their mobile or have stolen by someone. Therefore, this issue is also taken into account during the development of mobile apps to ensure that if a device falls to the wrong hand that is not authorized, then the person cannot access the reliable information.

Complex Apps
Creating a complex app has also the major threat. Adoption of many features in a single app makes it complex and user find difficulty to operate it. A complex feature sometimes also provides the negative impact to the users. This will lead to the result of unfamiliar of the app.

Marketing Problem
Many companies are developed number of mobile apps with extended features. In that case, the developers need to differentiate themselves in the crowd while creating powerful apps which are easy to operate and run.

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