Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mistakes Need To Avoid Of Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization can make a big difference in your online presence. However, if you want to make the most of this strategy, you must ensure that there are no errors with this page. There are some mistakes commonly made present on the landing page, making them less accessible and useful to viewers. If you are attentive of these mistakes and try not to get them to your page, then you can bring out the best result using this marketing strategy online.

Less Visibility of Call of Action

Landing page must have the call of an action button. It will motivate the people to visit your website frequently. Hence, it is required to put call of action in the noticeable manner. It displays the message to the user what you are giving.

Over Content Optimization

Content is the king of any website. Useful or eye catchy content is prominent for landing page. Overwritten content can lead the less attraction of users. Content length should be small and cover the all the necessary aspects. Proper headings make your content professional.

Too Many Links on the Same Page

Putting too many links on the same page can create the problem for the users where to go or where to click. This will lead to frustration and leaving your website. So, if you want to keep the visibility of the user to your website do not plant too many links on the landing page.

Asking Too Much Information for Online Forms

Landing page must have small or simple online form i.e. it does not have many fields of information. Online form should have fields like name, email id and password. Too much information can distract the interest of your potential clients.


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