Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Image Marketing on Pinterest

In the world of Internet Marketing, we are focused on business branding. We use many ways to describe our business like textual form or picture form. The Perfect image describes the thousands of words, and moreover video can compact a story in an eye-catching way. Every brand must know about the customer demand. If customer more finds the pictorial or visual content, then brands should concentrate on them. Image marketing is gaining popularity on social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
Intellisense Technology on Pinterest

Near about 50-55 million users are the part of Pinterest. It doesn’t matter what purpose you are using Pinterest because others are just seeing your home page with amazing pictures. So make your Pinterest account with flawless images of your brand. Create a board with the awesome name and put your product images, which emphasize more on customers and they can willing to buy them.

Create different boards under one Pinterest account. One board must relate to your business products, and others must have useful stuff. You can also display different sides of your brand like the history of your business and most selling products. Your artistic power will provide followers an in-depth glance into your brand.

Make your Pinterest account more inspirational for other users so that they can take an idea how to utilize the board correctly and follow you more. Use proper hashtags in product specification. Engage with the audience and know their interest.

Pinterest is a great way to increase the brand awareness of the business. Just in case you want the proper use of Pinterest with the strong profile, Intellisense Technology drives more sales by setting up Pinterest account for your business.

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  1. "Pinterest is the newest big Social Media phenomenon after Facebook and Twitter. Although the beta version of Pinterest was launched in March 2010 which operated on an invitation-only basis, it eventually opened to everyone only in August 2012. The interest in Pinterest has been so great that it has become the fastest website in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark which was reported in January 2012."!!!