Monday, 16 March 2015

Low Cost Cloud Storage Solution

Google Cloud Storage
Storage space is one of the essential things where you can keep the important business data or any other things. Data is mainly of two types. One you access all the time and second you rarely seen. If you will not store your data in careful manner, then it will lead to spend money on storage data. Data which is rarely used, but need to keep refer as Cold Data.

Google launched recently a new cloud storage solution to help organizations to manage their information in a better way is called Google Cloud Storage Nearline. This cloud storage is used to store cold data at the fewer amounts.

Main field Nearline is for small businesses are affordability. In the resting state, the service is as cheap 1 cent per gigabyte. A much less expensive option compared to traditional cloud storage solutions. Since, they only serve to "rest" that data that users seldom access it are moved less data volume, which lowers costs.

In addition, Nearline is outfitted with a security mechanism to protect useful data and information. Its redundant storage feature allows to store multiple data of different physical location. In this way, data will prevent from any attack. Use of this service is very easy. The user doesn’t require any technical knowledge to access Google Cloud Storage Platform.

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