Saturday, 14 March 2015

Promote Tweets Faster With New Twitter Tool

Quick Promote Twitter
Quick Promote Twitter
Twitter is the famous social marketing site to promote business as we know. Now it becomes easier to promote the content on Twitter with new launch tool. This tool name is “quick promote” which allow the small and medium sized businesses to share their content with fast and easy way to more twitter followers or users.

The feature of this tool permits promoters to intensify the quality performing tweets directly from the tweet dashboard. According to twitter, ’40 percent of the users will likely to see a promoted tweet from small and medium sized businesses’. In just single click, your tweet will automatically reach the targeted audiences who have similar interests to your followers.

How to Get Started
  • To use this tool, first you will have to sign in your tweet activity dashboard at ‘’. After that, simply choose the tweet of your choice. Make sure that you select a tweet that has already large impressions. It will drive you a measurable business results.
  • Choose a budget. Twitter will provide an estimated level after promoting the tweet.
  • View results in real time progress and optimizes the content to drive more clicks.

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