Thursday, 7 May 2015

Useful Twitter Features

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Twitter is the popular name in the list of social media sites. This site allows enter text with the limits of 140 characters to share an experience. From small to large enterprises, everyone wants to make a strong online presence on Twitter. They do their business to receive the positive user response and remarkable results. Twitter has some interesting features and it is amazing to use.

Let us know how we can use Twitter with amazing features

Create Tweets Collection
From Tweetdeck dashboard, create “custom timeline” column. Add tweets in this column you wish to insert. You can embed timeline URL into the website or blogger.

Photo Tagging
When you tweet a new image, twitter allows you to tag near around 10 people. These tags do not count against 140 characters. The tagging feature is available both for desktop or mobile users.
Create a Collage of Twitter Images
Yes, it is possible to create Twitter’s photo collages. Here, you can share maximum 4 photos in a single tweet. Click on “compose new tweet”, upload picture, and then click on “add more” to make a collage. If you have never used this feature earlier, then use now.

Mute Feature
Sometimes offensive tweets have been shown on twitter which we don’t want to see. So in that case, rather than unfollowing that user, you can mute the account. This feature makes your twitter stream professional.

These simple features can increase your business popularity on Twitter. Adopt the SMM services of any company in the beginning who works on your twitter profile. If you really want to popularize your posts on Twitter, then contact Intellisense Technology SMM Company.

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